These are very interesting pieces. There is a great variety of expression and format, primarily using oil paint, but also acrylic, generally on canvas, but also on stone, lending a specific texture and consistency to the works.
There are aspects of surrealism, stylised portraiture, and early abstraction (Iím thinking specifically of some of Kandinskyís very early shifts away from expressionism), particularly in Sciarada, Pinocchide and Il Tempo.
Lamento Della Pace reminds me of some surrealist paintings, notably those by Di Chirico. In this and in other works there are statements of existential questioning, on perception, such as in Nuovi Equilibri and the nature of relationships, as in Media.
Media is a powerful work objectifying the human figure with organic shapes that take on human-alien characteristics. These are also objectified, sublimating all to the sum of the parts that finally make up the total work. There is an interesting composition established, as well as a powerul choice or rich, muted colours in contrast with the vibrant yellowy flesh tones of the segments of human shapes.
Il Tempo is probably my favourites of the works I have seen, because they gel for me with Lucaís final thoughts regarding the relationship between the artistís work and the viewer. Rothko refers to this as a transaction, and itís a fundamental tool in building a artist - viewer relationship beyond concepts and draughtsmanship. Pinocchide and Il Tempo succeed the most for me in this transactional process, and I admire the purity in the merging between idea and execution.
These pieces use the tension of reconciling amorphic shapes to the organic and seem to have an almost intuitive sense of the power of negative space. They also work best for me, as they seem to be more process, rather than result driven.
Letís hope Luca Luciano keeps exploring!

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